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Foundation - 17 Miracle Matte in Fair. Lipstick - Topshop Infrared.
Mascara - S&G Thick & Fast. Bronzer - Benefit Hoola.
Shirt - Primark.
I never post photos of myself on ma blog. So I figured a goofy FOTD would suffice. I met up with all my friends today. I rarely get to see them cause they're in college (Uni for you UK peeps) and I am not. August cannot come fast enough. So I can find out if I got what I wanted. Some of you may remember that I was in college till November but hated it sooo much that I left and reapplied. Fingers crossed ay? We just mooched around drinking coffee in the rugby club, frappes in Esquires and grabbing an apple pie in Mc Donalds. Going to relax with a Lush bath and my 'Brothers and Sisters' boxset. Super excited to try out 'Phoenix rising' it smells so good.
20 days till 'The Hunger Games' guys.....not that I'm counting...


Zara said...

You're so pretty Jess! :)
Lipstick is lovely!


Iheartmexo said...

youre beautiful!! xx


Gorgeous :)
I left college the same as you did and was left waiting, its horrible but i'm glad I left.
Soo excited for The Hunger Games.

Francesca. said...

Ah wow, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get the university you want! Your FOTD is lovely, btw :)
OMG I'm a bit addicted to 'Brothers and Sisters', and so so eager to try Phoenix Rising, jealous! xx

Ciara said...

You look fab Jess, your hair is so lovely and long :) I'm jealous! Sounds like you had a nice day x

Jess said...

aw thank you all for your lovely comments <3

Gina Flynn said...

This is so beaut.
Can't believe its only 20 days (well 19 now!) You always manage to get me more excited for it! x

artisthecure said...

that shirt is lovely!.x

fashionismyh2o said...

You look gorgeous! You hair is so thick and such a lovely colour! V jelous :)


Julia Henderson said...

lovely photo! good luck with college stuff x

Cerys :) said...

I love your hair and you are really pretty. I hope u get into collge and have a nice Lush bath ( that probably sounded a bit weird- I wasn't trying to!)
<3 :D

Emily said...

youre so pretty xx

musicandmollie said...

I'm actually getting quite eager to see The Hunger Games, although i really should read the books first ahaha :)

♥mollie from musicandmollie

Katia said...

Cute photo :) sounds like a good day!

kim yau said...

Lovely shirt, following



Jess said...

Thank you for such lovely comments. @Gina it's practically 18 now ;) x

Camilla said...

love your lipstick!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Jess said...

thank you x

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