Review : Essence Gel EyeLiner.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago after i saw that the majority of beauty gurus use a gel eyeliner and I really couldn't be bothered forking out 12+€ for one. So when I saw this in my local pharmacy I jumped at it. It was 3.49€ which is an absolute bargain considering how much you get in the little jar (think of erase paste by benefit, you get a bit more than that and erase paste is 27€). I love this liner. I find pencil liner really awkward to use, especially on my water line and this is perfect. It lasts me all day and for a night out it's brilliant too. Literally takes me ages to rub because of how well it sticks and it has yet to smudge on me.. A+. You also only need to use a tiny bit on the edge of the brush and you get enough to create a strong line above your eye. The black colour is great too it comes out so well, unlike other liners where i find them to give a grey tinge off them which isn't great when you're trying to create a smokey eye effect.

You can also get a brush for the liner too. It's sold separately but i really like it. It has a thin line of bristles that make it so easy to get right into your lash line and the length of the brush makes it easy to handle. It was only 1.50€ as far as i can remember but it was definitely no more than 2€...
If you're like me and don't see the point in paying outrageous prices for a bit of gel liner then you'll love this. The price, the formula and how long it lasts. Brilliant.


Tat said...

looks like a good investment haha :) xo,


Jess said...

it is (: x

Sheri said...

Ohh thanks for reviewing this! I've been wondering whether to get a gel liner for a while, I usually use liquid, but I fancy a change, might try & get this one as it's cheap to try it out! xx

Francesca. said...

Oh, I used to love essence's gel eyeliner, but they stopped selling them near me a while ago and I haven't been able to get a hold on it since, so frustrating!
I agree though, it's great value and good quality, too :) xx

Kate S said...

I've always wanted to try gel eyeliner. I currently use liquid eyeliner. Is it as easy to paint on as liquid eyeliner or harder?


Katia said...

Whenever I wear eyeliner it's always a liquid one, they just last longer. And the angle brush? I love it too much

Forever Miss Vanity said...

That eyeliner looks fab, but I'm too obsessed with my bobbi brown gel eyeliner.

Fabulous post and piccies though.

i'm following :)



islay said...

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Jess said...

thank you for all your comments guys. you should really check this out xx

Alonso and Yesica said...

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nice photos!n,n
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devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice. x


Jess said...

thank you for commenting (: x

Kate S said...

You're welcome! And thanks for commenting on mine. Those pictures I took weren't of me though, they were my friend Nicole. =]


Shara said...

have the same but need more exercises to put on;)La Folie 

Jess said...

haha same x

Ellie Burns said...

i've been wondering whether to get a gel eye liner for ages- i think you've convinced me! is it easier than liquid? i'm absolutely hopeless at putting it on! xx

miimii said...

never really thought about gel eyeliner till recently , but this looks like a great buy
mantenso xx
oh followed btw (:

Jess said...

@ellie its really easy to use (:
@miimii thanks (: x